Insurance for Batting Cages

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While they are very fun and a great way to practice baseball, there are all kinds of accidents that could happen at a batting cage business. No matter if you own a stand-alone facility or the cages are part of a larger entertainment center, be sure that your batting cages are fully and properly insured. Trust Northeast Insurance Center, the leading experts in insurance for businesses in the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries.

What Are Batting Cages?

Batting cages come in many different forms. For one, you can buy a set-up to have in your own backyard. However, batting cages that are apart of a business are usually found in either outdoor or indoor spaces that feature other sports activities. They are often seen as part of mini-golf courses, family entertainment centers, or in a space all on their own, featuring many individual cages. Batting cages are a great way of practicing hitting baseballs, learning baseball, or holding parties and celebrations.

Why Batting Cages Need Insurance

While batting cages are meant to contain fly-away baseballs and baseball bats, accidents happen. You wouldn’t want to be stuck paying out of pocket for an injury to a customer or employee or for unexpected property damage. Every business should be insured, but businesses that involve sports activities should definitely be insured, and insured properly. Partner with us at Northeast Insurance Center and we will find you the best and most affordable insurance for your batting cages. As specialists in amusement industry insurance, we know exactly how to meet the unique needs of venues that feature batting cages.

General Liability

Every business should at least have a general liability insurance plan for their daily operations. This type of insurance is essentially the foundation for all other insurance as it protects the business from guest and employee injuries as well as property damage, as the result of accidents. What general liability covers and how much it costs will depend on the insurance carrier you go through. In order to find the perfect general liability insurance to fit your batting cage’s unique needs, talk with the team of experts at Northeast Insurance Center. We’ll help you find the best coverage with the lowest premiums.

Property Insurance

Protect your batting cages and any buildings and facilities on the property by signing up for property insurance. From runaway baseball bats to machines acting up, and countless other accidents that could occur, you wouldn’t want to be caught paying for expensive property damage repairs out of pocket. For your batting cage business to make a full, quick recovery after a property damage incident, enroll in the best property insurance plan with the help of the team at Northeast Insurance Center.

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At Northeast Insurance Center LLC, we are the leading amusement and leisure industry insurance experts. To protect you, your business, your patrons, and your employees, we ensure that your batting cage is fully and properly protected with the perfect insurance plan. We offer insurance plans to a variety of different businesses in the entertainment industry including laser tag, bowling centers, roller skating rinks, amusement parks, and so much more. View our full list of the industries that we serve on our about us page. If you’re not sure if we can help your business, please feel free to contact us. Get your business insured within 24 hours when you contact Northeast Insurance Center today and request a quote.

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