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Amusement parks are filled with thrilling rides and attractions. But, truth be told, there are accidents that could happen when people are zipping around on fast, high-rise rides. For this reason, it is important that amusement parks are properly insured for both you and your customers’ sakes. Do you happen to have ownership over an amusement park? Whether it’s small or large, you can’t afford to not be insured. There are a thousand and one different reasons why you may need amusement park insurance, and for every single need your venue has, Northeast Insurance Center is here for you.

Although amusement parks are large spaces filled with tons of different things to do, they are part of a niche industry. There are not many amusement parks out there compared to other types of businesses, but they definitely need a solid insurance plan. Even better, amusement park owners should seek insurance that is made especially for businesses in the entertainment industry. This way, they will find a plan that offers unique coverage, general liability, property insurance, workers’ compensation, and even equipment coverage.

At Northeast Insurance Center, we specialize in crafting the perfect insurance plans for businesses in the entertainment and leisure industries. We even offer an insurance program to cover your amusement rides, concession stands, entertainers, and specific special events. We represent virtually every major insurance carrier in the US that specializes in the amusement industry.


General Liability

The one type of insurance coverage that no business should go without is a general liability plan. This is the foundation of all insurance needs as it protects the business from certain liabilities such as injuries and property damages that are a result of unexpected accidents.

Since general liability coverage is so ubiquitous, expect to find a wide variety of policies that have premiums that differ. In order to find the perfect liability insurance to fit your amusement park business’s needs, it’s important to talk with a team of experts in the insurance field. At Northeast Insurance Center, our team can do exactly that for you, helping you get the best coverage with the lowest premiums.


Property Insurance

As would be the expected case for most amusement park owners, if you own any of the buildings on your business’s property, you will need property insurance. This type of insurance will help cover any damages to physical property, accidental or not. Property insurance will also ensure that your business is up and running faster after disaster strikes. Protect the longevity of your amusement park property by investing in property insurance. Find the perfect property insurance for your business with the help from the expert team at Northeast Insurance Center.

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There are thousands of different insurance policies out there. You’re going to want to find the one that’s best suited for your amusement park business.

At Northeast Insurance Center, we specialize in finding the best insurance policies for unique businesses such as your own. We know that your business is different from others, and we will seek out the perfect solution to cover all of your unique needs. Northeast Insurance Center is backed by experience, having already offered countless entertainment-industry businesses with insurance plans at affordable rates. Aside from amusement parks, we can find insurance plans for just about any business that falls into the entertainment or leisure industry categories. Ready to find the perfect insurance plan? Contact us today via the form below to get started.

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