Insurance for Bowling Centers

There are all kinds of accidents that can happen in a bowling center and plenty of room for property damage, so be sure that your bowling center is fully and properly covered. No matter what kind of bowling center you own, there’s good news — we can hook you up with the perfect insurance policy that will ensure you have the best coverage and the lowest premiums.

Bowling alleys, or bowling centers, come in many different shapes and sizes. There are countless standalone bowling centers, but there are also a lot of bowling centers that are inside of family entertainment centers. Most bowling centers are family-friendly, feature a bar with drinks and snacks, and are hot spots for birthday parties, get-togethers, date nights, and amateur leagues.

Bowling is not necessarily a dangerous sport, but when you think about it, the combination of throwing heavy weights, slippery floors, and children can lead to accidents. Every business should be insured, but bowling centers need insurance that covers potential accidents that cause harm to the patrons, the property, or potentially, both. In the case of accidents, you will not regret partnering with Northeast Insurance Center for the best bowling center insurance. As specialists in amusement industry insurance, we know how to meet the unique, niche needs of venues like bowling alleys and entertainment center.

General Liability Insurance

All businesses should at least have a general liability insurance plan for their daily operations. This type of insurance is a foundation and it protects the business from patron and employee injuries and property damages that are the result of unexpected accidents. What general liability insurance covers and how much it costs depends on the insurance carrier you are going through. To find the perfect liability insurance to fit your bowling center’s needs, talk with the team of experts at Northeast Insurance Center, to help you get the best coverage with the lowest premiums.

Property Insurance

When disaster strikes, accidental or not, you will want to ensure that your property is covered from damages. From bowling balls getting thrown into the wall to people not wearing bowling shoes, and countless other possible accidents that can ruin your property, you won’t want to be caught paying for all of the costly repairs out of pocket. In order for your business to recover quickly after a property damage event, you will want to have the best property insurance attached to your bowling center ahead of time. 

Bowling Center Insurance by Northeast Insurance Center

Here at Northeast Insurance Center LLC, we are the leading amusement and leisure industry insurance experts. In order to protect you, your business, and your patrons, we ensure that your bowling center and its entertainment services are fully and properly insured. We offer insurance plans to a variety of different businesses in the amusement and leisure industries including laser tag, roller skating rinks, amusement parks, zip lines, and escape rooms, to name a few. View our entire list of industries that we serve on our about us page. Get your business insured within twenty-four hours when you contact us today and request a quote.

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No matter what type of amusement business you own, we can save you money on your insurance premiums.

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