Insurance for Mini-Golf Courses

While not a particularly dangerous activity, accidents can happen at mini-golf courses. If you are the owner of a mini-golf course, be sure that your facility, employees, and patrons are covered under an insurance plan. At Northeast Insurance Center, we specialize in finding insurance plans at low premiums for people who operate businesses in the entertainment and leisure industries, including mini-golf courses.

What Is A Mini-Golf Course?

What Is A Mini-Golf Course?

A mini-golf course is, well, a small golf course that usually features themed putting holes, similar to what you may see at an amusement park. Most mini-golf courses are on stand-alone lots, but they can also be part of larger family entertainment centers or other facilities. Mini-golf courses are usually intended to be family-friendly and allow people of all ages to play on the course. Some mini-golf courses may also offer food or a concession stand.

Why Mini Golf Courses Need Insurance Coverage

Why Mini Golf Courses Need Insurance Coverage

Since people from young kids to the elderly participate in mini-golf, expect accidents to happen. From little kids losing their grip on the golf clubs to teenagers whacking the golf balls as hard as they can, be sure that your mini-golf course is properly insured. While every business needs insurance, businesses that are in the entertainment industry definitely need insurance, and likely a specialized plan, since there is more potential for injuries and property damage.

What Coverage Do You Need?

General Liability Insurance

Businesses of all types should at least have general liability insurance, especially mini-golf courses. This type of insurance is the foundation of all other insurances as it protects the business from having to pay out-of-pocket for patron and employee injuries, as well as property damage. However, what kind of coverage you get and what premiums you pay will depend on your business and the insurance provider that you choose to go through. To find the perfect general liability insurance for your mini-golf course, turn to the entertainment industry insurance experts at Northeast Insurance Center!

Property Insurance

When your property is damaged by a patron or employee, you shouldn’t expect to pay to fix the damages with your personal expenses. Instead, you should enroll in property insurance for your mini-golf course to protect you, your business, and your wallet from disaster. In order to make a speedy and less expensive recovery after a property damage incident, you will want to be sure to have the best property insurance for your mini-golf course ahead of time.

Other Types of Insurance Coverage

While general liability and property insurance plans will cover the basics, perhaps you need a little bit more coverage for your mini-golf course. At Northeast Insurance Center, we can help find specialized insurance plans that fit all of your needs. Some examples of additional insurance coverage include excess or umbrella, equipment coverage, and workers compensation. To learn more about these and other types of insurance coverage, contact Northeast Insurance Center today.


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Mini-Golf Course Insurance by Northeast Insurance Center

At Northeast Insurance Center, we’ve been helping businesses in the entertainment and leisure industries find and enroll in the best insurance plans since 1992. In order to provide the best insurance coverage and protection for you, your employees, your property, and your patrons, turn to us. Aside from mini-golf courses, we’d like to mention that we also offer insurance plans to a variety of other entertainment businesses including laser tag, bowling alleys, escape rooms, and amusement parks, just to name a few. View the full list of the industries that we serve on our about us page. Get your mini-golf course insured within 24 hours by contacting Northeast Insurance Center and requesting a quote today!

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