Insurance for Roller Skating Rinks

Roller Skate Rinks Insurance

Skating at roller rinks is some of the most fun you could have with friends and family. But as a business owner, it certainly won’t be fun if an accident happens and you don’t have the insurance to cover it. And, unfortunately, it can be hard finding the right insurance for something as unique as a skating rink.

But have no fear — being partnered with almost all of the major amusement industry insurance providers in the country, we know exactly how to get you the best roller skating rink insurance on the market — at a rate 20 to 30% lower than you’d usually find. We specialize in insuring businesses such as yours, and you can bet we are very aware of the unique needs that roller skating rinks have.



What Is A Roller Skating Rink?

Roller skating rinks are mainly an indoor space for people to roller skate, yes, but they usually contain a few other entertainment and leisure activities. Most roller skating rinks are family-friendly and include a bar or food service station that may serve alcoholic drinks. Some may even feature a section of arcade games and a space for a live DJ. Roller rinks are designed for street skates, not ice skates, which can only be used at ice skating rinks.

Why Roller Skating Rinks Need Insurance Coverage

While not a particularly dangerous activity, roller skating can lead to accidents that cause injuries or property damage. Depending on the skill and confidence level of the skaters, many will fall at some point. Sometimes they could fall a little too hard and end up hurting themselves. This is one of the main reasons why roller skating rinks absolutely need to have insurance coverage. In order to protect and prepare yourself, your business, and your patrons for accidents, it is vital that you have insurance coverage for your roller rink.

General Liability Insurance

Any given business should have general liability coverage in case of accidents that happen on the property during operating hours. However, businesses that are in the leisure industry, including roller skating rinks, see more accidents occur and should definitely have a solid general liability insurance plan. General liability insurance plans protect you, your workers, and your patrons from injuries and property damage incurred by accidents. These plans are the foundation for all other insurance plans, so as you can imagine, different insurance carriers will offer a range of coverages and premiums.

Property Insurance

All roller skating rinks, especially those that feature extra activities such as arcade games, should have a property insurance plan. From damaged rink flooring by careless skaters to a skee ball mishap breaking a window, prevent paying out of pocket for property damage by getting a solid property insurance plan for your roller rink. Plus, when you’re covered and not paying out of pocket, your rink will be up and running faster when accidents do happen.

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Northeast Insurance Center LLC is proud to be the leading amusement and leisure industry insurance experts. We make it possible to get the best insurance coverage at the lowest premiums for your roller skating rink. Aside from roller rinks, we offer insurance plans for a variety of other amusement and leisure industry businesses, including bowling centers, family entertainment centers, indoor trampoline centers, and more. View the full list of the industries that we serve on our about us page. Within twenty-four hours, you can get your roller skating rink insured just by contacting us and requesting a quote.

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