Insurance for Ice Skating Rinks

Ice skating at an ice rink is an absolute blast, but having a bunch of people of all different ages and skill levels on a slippery surface while wearing ice skates can be a recipe for disaster. If you own an ice skating rink, you should have a solid insurance plan in order to protect yourself, your business, your employees, and your patrons. At SafePark USA, we are specialists in all things insurance, related to businesses that are in the entertainment and leisure industries. We can help ice skating rink owners find the perfect insurance coverage at the lowest premium.





An ice skating rink is an indoor or outdoor facility where people can skate around on the ice. Most ice skating rinks are stand-alone facilities that are also used for events like hockey games, but they can also be part of other spaces, such as a shopping mall. People can bring their own ice skates and gear or rent them out at most ice rinks. Some rinks may include food and beverage services at a concession stand or bar. Ice skating rinks are intended for people of all ages and are great venues for hosting birthday parties and other get-togethers.


Every business should have some form of insurance coverage. However, when you add in the potentially dangerous factors of ice skating, you’ll realize that ice skating rinks definitely need insurance, and specialized coverage, at that. Businesses that are in the entertainment and leisure industries, like ice skating rinks, often overlook the fact that their daily operations are more likely to lead to accidents than other businesses, like restaurants or retail stores. With more potential for injury and property damage, it’s important that all ice skating rinks seek out comprehensive insurance coverage for their business.


General Liability Insurance

Every business should at least have general liability insurance coverage, especially ice skating rinks. This type of insurance coverage is the building block for all other supplemental insurances. It will cover instances such as minor patron and employee injuries, as well as property damage. The extent of the coverage and the cost of your monthly premiums will, however, depend on your business and which insurance carrier you choose to go with. In order to pick out the perfect general liability insurance plan for your ice skating rink, contact SafePark USA so that we can hook you up.

Property Insurance

Ice skating rinks, like any other business in the entertainment or leisure industry, are susceptible to property damage. With people walking around on their ice skates where they’re not supposed to, and others just simply not following the rules and ruining your ice, be sure to enroll in a solid property insurance plan. This way, if your patrons (or employees) are ever careless and cause damage to your ice rink, you won’t be stuck paying out of pocket for the repair costs. The best way to come back and have a speedy recovery after a property damage incident is to have property insurance beforehand. Be prepared and find the best property insurance plan for your ice skating rink with the help of the insurance specialists at SafePark USA.

Other Types of Insurance Coverage

Aside from general liability and property insurance coverage, there are additional, supplemental insurance plans that your business could benefit from. Some of the other types of insurance coverage that SafePark USA can help you enroll in include excess or umbrella, workers compensation, and equipment coverage. To learn more about these and other types of insurance plans, contact us at SafePark USA.



If you own an ice skating rink and you need insurance or would like to save money on your current plan, reach out to the experts at SafePark USA. We’ve been helping businesses in the entertainment and leisure industries find and enroll in the best insurance plans at the lowest premiums since 1992. Aside from ice skating rinks, we’d also like to mention some of the other businesses that we can help with insurance. SafePark USA can also help you with insurance if you own a roller skating rink, a bowling alley, a mini-golf course, and so much more. To see the full list of the industries and types of businesses that we serve, please visit our about us page. To get your ice skating rink insured within 24 hours, call SafePark USA and request a free quote today!

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