Axe Throwing Safety Tips

Here at Northeast Insurance Center, we offer top-notch amusement and leisure industry insurance — but we hope that you don’t have to use it! We hope that all of your guests stay safe and avoid injuries, and that’s why in today’s blog post, we’re sharing a few axe throwing safety tips. Axe throwing bars are becoming more and more popular, but it’s important to ensure a safe environment for your clientele!


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Wear Close-Toed Shoes

The number one safety tip for axe throwing is to wear close-toed shoes. While we hope your guests don’t drop their axes on their feet, close-toed shoes will help prevent injuries.


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Don’t Leave the Throwing Lane

The throwing lanes are designed to keep flying axes contained and away from patrons. Leaving the throwing lane with an axe, even if you don’t intend to throw it, is a bad idea. Worse, you shouldn’t step back to make the throw more challenging, as the axe could easily hit someone. All axes and all axe throwing should be within the throwing lane.


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Follow the Staff Member’s Directions

Staff members are trained to create a safe environment for everyone, and it’s vital that all guests follow all of the instructions that the staff member provides. If the staff member notices any issues with the guests and corrects them, they should be required to follow them or be asked to leave.


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Behave In a Responsible Manner

All in all, everyone participating should behave in a responsible manner. While axe throwing can be fun and a great choice for bachelor and bachelorette parties or other celebrations, you’re still handling a dangerous weapon! Set expectations that your guests will act responsibly while they enjoy themselves.

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