Very Well Known Facts – That Few People Know…

Blogging is the rage of the internet and after sitting on the sidelines I have decided to bite the bullet and join the community. The focus, of course, will be directed to the insurance community and to the amusement industry which I specialize in. However, I will also touch upon other topics outside of insurance. So, what are Very Well Known Facts That Few People Know? I have been using this line for many years. These are topics and ideas that the general public may not know or be aware of, but individuals in their respective fields deal with on a daily basis. Here’s an example of a very well known fact that few people know ..Astronomers estimate that there are 200 billion to 400 billion stars contained within the Milky Way. Did YOU know that? Not many do. But, it is a very well known fact that few people know. Here’s another very well known fact that few people know ..Do baby rattle snakes have fangs? Absolutely. Rattlesnakes enter the world armed with both fangs and venom, and are immediately deadly.

In the insurance world, Very Well Known Facts That Few People Know will cover a wide variety of topics. I will direct a lot of the content to the Amusement Industry and how it relates to their overall coverage and daily concerns. Many topics will be addressed including types of coverages that effect their business, safety, waivers, employees, loss of income, customer claims, etc.

So here is today’s Very Well Know Facts That Few People Know…

What happens if your roof blows off and damages your neighbor’s generator? This question will be answered in your policy under sections regarding damage to the property of others.

You may be liable for at least a portion of these losses. If you live in a condensed, urban area, this coverage is essential. It is very common for buildings in a downtown to have an affect on each other. For example, a pipe could burst in your office and flood the tenant next door. If you live in an area without many neighbors, this will not be a primary concern. Still be aware of the property of visitors, though, such as guests who are parking in your lot.

The important fact to always remember about your insurance policy – it is a contract. When a claim occurs, the policy you have and the terms within your policy will determine if you have coverage for that specific claim and how it will be paid.