Bounce House Safety Tips

Bounce House Insurance | Party Rental InsuranceAs a leader in the inflatables insurance market, we’ve seen the bounce house rentals business increase in popularity in recent years.  Renting a bounce house for a kid’s party is an affordable option guaranteed to be the hit of any event.  But, like most activities, being mindful of safety is critical to maximizing the fun.  Here are a few things to keep in mind…

  • ALWAYS follow the rules/guidelines as provided by the equipment provider.
  • Make the area beneath and around the bounce house clear of obstacles.
  • Provide for a safe exit from the bounce house.
  • Be mindful of the weather – wind and rain can lead to an unsafe bouncing experience.
  • Only allow children to use the bounce house with adult supervision.
  • Only allow children of about the same age and size to bounce together.
  • NEVER exceed the age / size / # of bouncers as determined by the provider of the equipment.
  • Remove shoes, jewelry, phones, eyeglasses, etc. prior to bouncing.
  • Review safety with the children – no rough housing, etc.
  • Bounce INSIDE the inflatable – do not climb on the outside.
  • Common sense goes a long way toward providing a safe bounce house experience!

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