Insurance for Campgrounds

Northeast Insurance Center provides campgrounds and day camps with the best specialized and general insurance coverage at the lowest premiums. Our expert staff understands that every business in the amusement and leisure industries have unique needs. Northeast Insurance Center is an independent insurance agency and we represent virtually every major insurance carrier in the United States that specializes in amusement industry businesses.

What Are Campgrounds?

Campgrounds could look like a variety of different spaces, especially in modern times. They could include picnic spaces, pre-pitched tents, cabins, pools, cafeterias, and so much more. As long as you are the independent owner of a private or franchised campground (i.e. the campground is not part of a national park), then it’s in your best interest to get your business fully insured. 

What Are Day Camps?

Similar to campgrounds are day camps. At day camps, the guests are generally school-aged children and they do not stay overnight. However, you are providing them with an outdoor space and plenty of activities to do. Day camps often include activities such as team sports, archery, axe throwing, and bb gun shooting, which all have one thing in common: they can be dangerous. If you’re the owner of a private or franchised day camp, it’s imperative to have everything from the buildings to the workers to each specialized activity covered in your insurance plan.

Why Campgrounds Need Insurance

Owning a campground is a little different than owning your average business, such as a retail store. Campgrounds likely cover acres of land and could include lodging and a variety of other facilities. Campground owners need to not only generally insure their business, but also seek out specialized insurance that will fully cover all of their amenities, buildings, land, activities, and employees.

With Americans feeling safer camping with their own group instead of taking a traditional vacation this year, the campground business is booming. In the past five years alone, the United States campground industry has had steady growth and is estimated to reach $7.5 billion by the end of 2020. This growing industry brings with it exciting and new opportunities for brokers. Whether you’re interested in investing in a campground or you already own one, get ahead of the game and make sure your business is fully insured.


Campground Insurance by Northeast Insurance Center

Do you already operate a campground or day camp or are looking into joining this rising industry? No matter what amenities you feature at your campgrounds, be sure that everything, including all of your employees and participants, are insured. At Northeast Insurance Center, we offer competitively-priced property and casualty, liability, and workers’ compensation coverages that are completely designed for your private or franchised campgrounds and day camps.


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Amusement and Leisure Industry Insurance

At Northeast Insurance Center LLC, we are the leading amusement and leisure industry insurance experts. We want to make sure that your business is fully insured to protect the lives and wallets of you and your participants. We offer insurance to a variety of different amusement and leisure industry businesses including but not limited to: laser tag; go-karts; mini golf; water parks; bowling; ice and roller skating rinks; amusement parks; zip lines; fairs and carnivals; and escape rooms. Check out our comprehensive list of industries that we serve on our contact page. Request a quote today and get your amusement and leisure business insured within 24 hours.

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