Insurance for Mobile Gaming Trailers

Northeast Insurance Center provides Mobile Gaming Trailers with the best coverage and lowest premiums. Our experienced staff understands that every amusement business has unique needs.  As an independent insurance agent, we represent virtually every major insurance carrier in the U.S.A. that specializes in the amusement industry.


What Is a Mobile Gaming Trailer?

Mobile Gaming Trailers are large trailers that have been converted into a lively, entertainment space on wheels. These are a hit since they come to the consumer and can travel from city-to-city so location is no issue. Equipped with all kinds of colorful lights and single- and multiplayer-games, these trailers are very popular at birthday parties and other celebrations and special events. 


What Is on the Inside of a Mobile Gaming Trailer?

While most Mobile Gaming Trailers will contain video games of some form, a lot will also include other forms of entertainment—inside or outside of the trailer once it’s parked. Northeast Insurance Center has seen Mobile Gaming Trailers that feature axe throwing and escape rooms as well. That’s right, Mobile Gaming Trailers are big enough to allow participants to experience an entirely new world with an escape room challenge! Build an exciting and challenging escape room for participants to enjoy, and travel around to allow different groups of people to experience the fun!


Why Do Mobile Gaming Trailers Need Insured?

While this all sounds like fun and games, some of these activities (even if they do not seem like they would) could cause harm to participants. Anybody who is renting a Mobile Gaming Trailer for personal or group use should only rent from businesses that have insured trailers. Mobile Gaming Trailers should be treated just like any other brick and mortar amusement and leisure business. They should all be insured in case an accident happens so that both the participants and the owners are covered.


Mobile Gaming Trailer Insurance by Northeast Insurance Center

Do you already operate a Mobile Gaming Trailer or looking to get into this up-and-coming new form of entertainment? Well, no matter what form of entertainment you’re providing in your Mobile Gaming Trailer, be sure that your company and the participants are insured. Northeast Insurance Center offers the best rates in the amusement and leisure industry for insurance packages and premiums. Call us for a quote and get your Mobile Gaming Trailer fully insured within 24 hours. Contact us now!


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