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It’s an absolute blast hopping on a go-kart and going full-speed, but there’s no way around the fact that a million and one different accidents could happen when you let people (children included) hop onto motorized vehicles for the sake of competition. That’s why you’d be wise to look for the best go-kart insurance possible for your venue.

Being such a niche industry, many people don’t know where to start in insuring their go-kart track or family entertainment center. But don’t worry, Northeast Insurance Center can help. We are partnered with just about every single major carrier in the US that provides amusement industry insurance, and you can bet we’ll be able to find you a policy that’s perfect for your unique needs, with low premiums and amazing coverage.

Starting a Go-Kart Business?

There’s only one reason why you’d be looking up insurance for go-kart venues — you either own one, or you’re planning on starting one up. In either case, it’s extremely important to be prepared, and insurance is an instrumental part of that.

Go-karts are a rather unorthodox form of recreational entertainment, and that’s why it’s important to understand their unique needs. Your approach to starting a go-kart business will be different based on several factors. Is it part of a family fun center? Is it a standalone venue? Will you offer other services such as food or snacks on the side?

No matter what components you want to implement into your go-kart venue, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing extensive research on each and every single one of them.

Some Things to Keep In Mind

Everyone loves a good session of go-karts, and why wouldn’t they? You get the thrill of high-speeds racing, but on a scale that’s both safe and affordable. If you play your cards right, it’s likely that people from all over will be drawn to your business. After all, while go-kart venues aren’t necessarily rare, they’re also far from being common. No matter where you build it, there’s a strong chance that countless locals will adopt it as their go-to location. But it’s not easy running such an ambitious business. Here are some things you’ll want to be particularly cognizant of:

Unique Expenses

Every business has its own unique costs, and that couldn’t be more true with go-kart venues. You’ll want to be well aware of these when you’re creating your business plan, because things can get pricey pretty quickly. Go-karts, of course, are the most obvious example. There are various types of go-kart, and it’s going to cost a pretty penny to acquire a whole fleet. Additionally, being vehicles themselves, you’ll need to invest in an adequate amount of spare parts, supplies, and backup karts.
But there are other aspects as well — you’ll need to build a track which means investing in barriers, traffic lights, signs, and so on. If you really want to get creative, you can even implement eye-catching landscaping that will make the experience feel like a themed adventure!

Liability Waivers

In a go-kart venue, you have a huge pack of strangers racing each other at high speeds. What could possibly go wrong? The answer, of course, is a lot. While go-kart centers tend to take every measure to ensure safety, the bottom line is that accidents can happen, especially when guests don’t follow the rules. Liability waivers are essential to ensure that you won’t be held liable for lawsuits in those occasions. Be sure to talk to a legal expert on how to implement liability waivers into your go-kart business.

Why Your Go-Kart Business Needs Insurance

First off, it’s important to remember that every business benefits from being insured. Even if go-karting wasn’t an aspect, there are certain types of insurance that are common among every small business, which help to protect the company in the event of litigation or unforeseen accidents.

But as a go-karting venue, your business has even more reasons to be insured, especially because the risk of accidents is so high. As a business owner, you’ll benefit greatly from being aware of all your options, and that’s one reason why we’re here — our team at Northeast Insurance Center is ready to help you secure the best insurance for your needs.

Which Type of Go-Karting Business Insurance Do You Need?

The need for quality insurance is the same whether you’re opening a brand new go-kart venue or simply adding a small track to an existing family entertainment center. Whether you’re adding two go-karts or 50, the necessity for insurance is all the same.

Here are some types of insurance that you should consider for your business:

General Liability

This is one type of insurance that no business owner should go without, whether they’re running a complex go-kart course, or selling fruits in a stall. General liability is the foundation of all insurance needs, and it’s exactly what it sounds like — it protects the business from certain liabilities, such as injuries and property damage that result from unexpected accidents.

Because general liability insurance is so ubiquitous, there are countless different types of policies that have vastly different premiums. Finding liability insurance for your specific business needs can be more difficult than you might think, and that’s why it’s important to consult with a team of experts who know the world of insurance inside out, such as our team at Northeast Insurance Center.

Property Insurance

Property insurance is another type of protection that’s exceedingly common among most business owners. If you own real-estate and/or the building in which you operate your business, property insurance will help to cover damages when disaster strikes.

Much like general liability insurance, property insurance is diverse across the board and you’ll need to find a policy that’s tailored to your situation. As a general rule, remember that property insurance usually applies for accidents that are out of your control — arson, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters are good examples. If there’s reasonable evidence to believe you could have prevented the problem within your means of operation, this insurance might not apply.

Property insurance is essential for a go-kart venue. The racing tracks are susceptible to all kinds of damages, and they can render your business useless if they’re put out of commission for any reason. You’ll want to fix the problem as soon as possible to ensure that business continues, and in a safe environment no less.

Go-Kart Equipment Coverage

Equipment coverage is something you’ll definitely want, because of how much maintenance the go-karts require. The go-karts themselves will also need to be ensured. Depending on what policy you go with, they could fall under multiple insurance types, and that’s the sort of thing we can help you with if you choose us as your go-to insurance experts.

But equipment coverage will also cover that vast amount of tools, machines, and resources you use to maintain your go-kart venue. You’ll need to regularly tend to the tracks to ensure that they’re safe and up to code, and go-karts will need constant upkeep. You’ll be using specialized equipment for a lot of this work, and that’s where this insurance comes in handy. If you experience equipment failures or breakdowns, this insurance can help to cover the costs. As a bonus, it can also help pay for the expenses associated with mandatory inspections, which any family entertainment center will experience on the regular.

Workers Compensation

While general liability insurance protects your business from accidents, it usually doesn’t cover damages that you had the power to avoid. This means that a lot of workplace injuries aren’t covered. In a worst case scenario, an employee could litigate for the injuries they incurred in the workplace, and that’s where workers comp insurance is the most useful.

If an employee ends up with medical expenses from the workplace accident, workers comp insurance can pay them for the time they were out of work, as well as their medical costs. In return, the employee waives the right to sue the employer. This is a mutually beneficial solution, and it’s usually the easiest and quickest one as well. Without workers comp in place, you could end up with a months-long legal battle that will drain the wallets of both business and defendant.

Let Us Find the Best Go-Kart Business Insurance For You Today

Even though most insurance policies tend to fall into certain predefined categories (such as the ones we listed above), the actual minutia of their can be different across a thousand different policies. You’re going to want one that’s well-suited for a go-karting business, and if you talk to any old insurance provider, you’re unlikely to find solutions that are uniquely tailored to your situation.

At Northeast Insurance Center, we specialize in finding the best insurance policies for unique businesses such as your own, because we know that your business needs differ from most “normal” establishments like restaurants and retail stores. We’ve supplied countless businesses with amazing insurance at affordable rates, such as family entertainment centers, axe-throwing venues, trampoline centers, and more.

With such a unique business, it’s incredibly important to make sure that you’re protected with the right insurance, and yet it can be the hardest type to find. We work with the top carriers in the industry, and we’re prepared to find you a policy that fits your business like your best pair of shoes. Are you ready to save money on your business insurance? Contact us today with the form below to get started. Additionally, be sure to ask us about any other types of insurance we may offer if you have any other businesses in the family entertainment industry.



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