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Bumper Cars Insurance

Bumper cars are a fun way to let off steam, letting people wreck into their friends and family with small cars. Usually, bumper car tracks are part of a larger entertainment center, maybe even an amusement park, but there are some that can be stand-alone facilities. Either way, it’s important that your bumper cars are properly insured. If you own a bumper car track, whether it’s part of another entertainment center or not, know that you cannot afford to be uninsured. Luckily, Northeast Insurance Center is here for you. We are the experts at properly insuring businesses that are within the amusement industry.

Northeast Insurance Center is a niche insurance provider for niche businesses like yours. We do this because we know that your business is important and unique, but there is the potential for more accidents than compared to other businesses such as retail or a restaurant. We want to make sure that businesses like yours are properly insured so that you don’t waste time and money when accidents do happen. We will work with you to find a plan that has unique coverage as well as the basics such as general liability, property damage, worker’s compensation, and equipment coverage, if needed.

At Northeast Insurance Center, we specialize in creating the perfect insurance plans for any business that’s in the entertainment and/or leisure industry. We offer insurance programs to cover your bumper cars and whatever other entertainment activities and facilities you own. We represent just about every major insurance carrier in the United States and will make an insurance plan that caters to your business in the amusement industry.

General Liability

This type of insurance coverage is one that every business should have. General liability insurance plans are the foundation for all others and they protect the business from common liabilities including injuries property damage that results from accidents.

General liability coverage is ubiquitous so expect to find a wide variety of policies and premiums at different prices. For you to find the perfect liability insurance plan to fit your bumper car park important to talk to a team of experts who know the amusement Insurance field inside and out. I Northeast Insurance Center, our team will do exactly that for you and help you find the best coverage with the lowest premiums to ensure that your bumper car park is covered with a general liability plan.

Property insurance

Most businesses that are within the amusement and entertainment industries will need some form of property insurance or another. You want to make sure that everything from your building to each individual car is covered in case an accident happens. And actually, you can get property insurance that covers things that aren’t accidents just in case you get some wild teenagers in your business. in order to protect your business and ensure that it can go on for years and years invest in property insurance. To find the perfect property insurance for your business get help from the experts and contact the team at Northeast Insurance Center.

Our specialized programs save an average of 20% to 30% and MORE! Let us put together a program for you today.

Find the Best Bumper Car Business Insurance

There are tons of different insurance policies and you’re going to want to find the one that’s best suited for your bumper car business. At Northeast Insurance Center, we specialize in finding the best insurance policies for unique businesses such as your own. We understand that your business is different from others and we will seek out the perfect solution to cover all of your unique needs. Our team of insurance experts is backed by years of experience and we have offered countless entertainment businesses with insurance plans at affordable premiums. Aside from bumper car parks, we can find insurance plans for any business that falls into the entertainment or leisure industry categories. Are you ready to find the perfect insurance plan? Contact Northeast Insurance Center today via the form below to get started.

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